Bodies of two young children found in suitcases bought at auction in New Zealand

Vintage suitcases
Photo by Gio on Unsplash

Detectives in New Zealand have confirmed that the bodies of two small children were among the human remains found in two suitcases that were purchased at an auction on Thursday 11th August 2022.

According to police, the victims were believed to have been between the ages of five and ten when they died, and the bodies had likely been in storage for a number of years. The cases also contained other items, which are being examined.

After purchasing the luggage last week, a family in South Auckland opened them at their house and discovered the remains inside.

The nature of this discovery provides some complexities to the investigation especially given the time lapsed between the time of death and the time of discovery.

Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua

Police are reviewing hours of CCTV footage as well as personal and household items discovered with the cases in an effort to identify the children. But they worry that because so much time has passed, important events may have been erased.

It is believed that the family who discovered the bodies went to the storage facility and bought a trailer-load of goods, which included the suitcases. Detective Insp Vaaelua emphasised that they had no connection to the deaths and were receiving support.