California murder suspects escape jail through 22-inch hole

Two murder suspects crawled through a 22in (55cm) hole they cut in a toilet ceiling to escape from jail in the city of Salinas, California on Sunday 3rd November.

The suspects bored the hole in a toilet where prison guards could not see them, officials said.

The hole was wide enough for Mr Fonseca and Mr Salazar, both 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall, to climb through. This led to a maintenance area filled with ducts and pipes. The suspects crawled through this space – said to be 11in wide in parts – until they reached a hatch, which they forced open and escaped through.

The hatch was at the back of the jail, where there was no security fencing with barbed wire, authorities said.

The two suspects were arrested and charged last year in connection with separate murder cases, authorities said.

They were re-captured on Tuesday 5th November while trying to cross the southern border back into the United States, according to United States Customs and Border Protection.