Florida TV reporter shot and killed whilst reporting on a murder

Florida TV reporter shot and killed whilst reporting on a murder
Dylan Lyons

A TV journalist in Florida that was reporting on the murder of a woman was shot and killed on 22nd February 2023 whilst working on the story.

A 9-year-old girl was then fatally shot at a nearby home.

24-year-old TV reporter Dylan Lyons and the nine-year-old girl were fatally shot near Orlando, Florida in two separate incidents in close proximity to another murder that had taken place just hours before.

Shooting Details

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Keith Melvin Moses, opened fire on the journalists, who were “in or near their vehicle” at the time of the attack. A second reporter, Jesse Walden, and the girl’s mother were also shot and injured in the attacks. Moses is also suspected of the other murder that occurred earlier in the day.

Police Investigation

The suspect was armed when he was arrested and was not cooperating with police, said investigators. Orange County Sheriff John Mina stated in a news conference that the journalists’ vehicle did not appear to be an official TV station’s vehicle. It is unclear whether the reporters were deliberately targeted.

Other journalists nearby helped provide first aid to the victims following the shooting.


After attacking the journalists, the alleged gunman then went to a nearby home, where he fatally shot a nine-year-old girl and injured her mother. The mother was in critical condition and was being treated at a hospital.