Husband arrested in connection with dismembered body discovery in Paris park

Passerelle suspendue, Buttes Chaumont, Paris

Passerelle suspendue, Buttes Chaumont, Paris - Clem from Paris, France, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

French police have detained the husband of a woman for questioning in connection with the discovery of her dismembered body in Paris’s Buttes-Chaumont park.

Gruesome discovery in a popular park

On February 14th, the woman’s dismembered head was found in a remote area of the park, a day after park workers found a lower torso in a plastic bag hidden under leaves. The park, a popular location for families and joggers, was closed after the discovery of at least two bags containing flesh and bones.

Husband reported her missing a week after she disappeared

The couple had three children and lived in the Seine-Saint-Denis area. The husband had reported her missing on February 6, a week after she disappeared. Police investigating the disappearance had not turned up any leads until the discovery of the body parts.

Investigation underway

The investigation will include searching through CCTV footage and autopsies of the remains to try and identify a perpetrator. The gruesome discovery has shocked the community, and the investigation is ongoing.

Buttes-Chaumont park

The park is renowned as a location for French crime films, and the mayor of the 19th district, François Dagnaud, confirmed that it was park workers who had found the remains. The location where the body parts were found is usually used by workers for storage and is not generally known to the public.

Prosecutors investigate information leak

Prosecutors told AFP that an individual had been detained in the case but warned that no further information would be made public for now. Prosecutors also launched an investigation into how information had been leaked to French channel BFMTV that the husband had come under suspicion in the investigation after giving contradictory evidence.