Mayor of Mogadishu filmed beating partygoers with a stick

Mayor of Mogadishu filmed beating partygoers with a stick

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Yusuf Hussein Jimale, also known as “Madale,” the mayor of Mogadishu, Somalia, was caught on video using a whip on a group of young men and women who were accused of smoking cannabis, shisha, and drinking alcohol in a nightclub.

The video, posted early in the morning on Sunday 23rd April 2023, caused a stir, with some condemning Madale’s methods and others applauding his tough stance.

The city, known as one of the most dangerous in the world due to daily attacks by Islamist militants, is now also facing increasing problems with organised gangs and substance abuse, particularly among young people.

Madale has defended his actions, saying that young people need to be disciplined and that a stick is better than a gun. He argues that his actions are necessary to combat the growing drug abuse problem in the city.

However, some have criticised Madale’s vigilante approach and called for due process to be followed. They have questioned the evidence against the accused and called for the judicial system to handle these cases instead of the mayor.

Muna Hassan, a social affairs activist in Mogadishu, told the BBC that Madale had taken the law into his own hands and that the person who commits a crime should be addressed through the prosecution and judicial system.

Despite the criticism, Madale remains steadfast in his mission to tackle drug abuse in Mogadishu.