British man sends amputated toes to Canada for use in notorious cocktail

A former British commander who lost his big toe to frostbite after competing in an extreme winter marathon in Canada in 2018 has sent it to a hotel in Canada, famous for putting amputated toes in its signature cocktail.

Nick Griffiths from Bolton packed up his toe and preserved it in alcohol, before sending it to the Dawson’s City Downtown hotel’s manager in Yukon, Canada to be used for its Sourtoe cocktail.

“I hope you get these bad boys OK,” read a note enclosed with the package. “Sorry it has taken so long to send them.”

The hotel’s bar in Yukon Khlondike is renowned for the Sourtoe cocktail – a shot of whisky served with a real, mummified toe floating in the glass. In order to join the “club”, drinkers must allow the toe to brush their lips.