Elephants used in Buddhist pageant injure 18 people in Sri Lanka

At least 18 people were injured after two elephants panicked and ran at a Sri Lankan street pageant on Saturday 7th September.

Footage from the scene showed a group of performers running to get away from the first elephant, which had bolted, prompting the second to charge down the road.

As it ran the animal kicked one person along the side of the street, knocking others away with its trunk. 

The incident took place during the annual religious procession from a 600-year-old Buddhist temple in the Sri Lankan capital, Kotte, which features a number of dancers and performers.

Elephants adorned in lights and brightly coloured cloaks are a major attraction at Sri Lanka’s Buddhist pageants, with wealthy families sending their elephants - bought as a symbol of prosperity and nobility - to take part.

Source : Independent