Family wants crocodiles killed after boy disappears

The family of an 11-year-old boy who disappeared last month in Kavango West wants the environment ministry to kill the crocodiles that killed him.

Kativa Haipanda, whose body has not been found, disappeared from Gcwagi village near the Okavango River on 19 January.

His uncle, Thomas Kasinga, said that Haipanda and his friends were herding cattle, and decided to drink water in the river.

“When they got to the river, Haipanda was the first to drink and was attacked by a crocodile. The children, who were younger than Haipanda, were the only witnesses. They came to inform us that a crocodile had taken Haipanda. 

“We immediately went to the spot where he was attacked and even saw some crocodiles there. At that moment, we could not do anything but wait for the police to come,'' he explained.

Kasinga added that when the police arrived, it started to rain heavily and not much could be done.

“Police came the next day to search with the help of the environment ministry officials. However, until now, they had not found the remains. We believe that crocodile ate our boy. There are no remains left,'' he lamented.

Kasinga said the environment ministry should kill these crocodiles because community members are afraid to go to the river to fetch water because many people have already fallen prey to the reptiles.