FBI finds bodies sewn together ‘like Frankenstein’ in Arizona body donation centre

FBI agents found buckets of human body parts and a torso with the head from another body sewn onto it in a horrific 2014 raid at a for-profit body-donation center in Phoenix, Arizona, recently published court documents say.

The agents made the  discoveries at the Biological Resource Center in January 2014, but details of the raid were recently revealed via an eyewitness testimony in a civil lawsuit filed against the center, the Arizona Republic and KTVK reported in July 2019.

The FBI raided the center after it was accused of selling the donated body parts for a profit.

Citing the court documents, the Arizona Republic said the most expensive item the facility sold, a "whole body with no shoulders or head" was $2,900, while a foot was $450. It wasn't clear who the body parts were sold to.

The Biological Resource Center was closed in 2014 after the raid, but lawsuits from families who donated bodies are ongoing.