Man found dead in Dallas apartment had been dead for 3 years

A US Navy veteran whose body was found inside his apartment in Dallas, Texas, is believed to have lain dead there for three years.

Ronald Wayne White's body was found during a routine check of apartments where tenants did not appear to be using water, according to police in DeSoto, Texas, a suburb southwest of Dallas.

The Navy veteran was discovered on the kitchen floor of his apartment in DeSoto earlier this month -- about three years after his death, DeSoto Police Detective Pete Schulte said. He added that he believed White was 51 years old at the time of death

His mother, Doris Stevens, suspected something was wrong after her son stopped responding to her phone calls in 2016, she told the military newspaper Stars and Stripes.

White had been dead for "an extended period of time," possibly three years, according to a statement from the Dallas medical examiner.

The cause of death and autopsy results are pending, the statement said.

Source : CNN