School shooting teacher admits to never actually working at the school

A man who claimed to be a substitute teacher and survivor of a school shooting in Texas in 2018 never actually worked at the school, officials revealed on Monday 1st July.

David Briscoe told news outlets he had protected students from harm while working at Santa Fe High School, where 10 people were killed.

The Texas Tribune revealed the truth behind his false claims on Monday but not before CNN, Wall Street Journal and others had published his lies.

Mr Briscoe told CNN at the time he had been teaching English when he heard screaming and gunshots. He said he had barricaded his classroom door with tables and desks, turned off the lights and told his students to get down.

"It felt like hours before we got out of the school, but one of my students said it was 30 to 45 minutes," Mr Briscoe told the news outlet. "I had around 10 to 15 students and I'm grateful they were safe."

On Monday 1st July, Texas Tribune journalist Alexandra Samuels revealed Mr Briscoe had contacted her in April 2019 to do a follow-up piece in light of recent suicides by mass shooting survivors.

She says she spoke to him on the phone for 31 minutes, during which he claimed to have "quit teaching after the massacre" and had become depressed.

He said "just knowing that there's blood on the walls" meant he could not go back to the school.

The "insane story" roused her suspicions and the journalist contacted the local school board who confirmed no one of his name had ever worked in the district.

Source : BBC News