St. Louis man finds 'mummified' baby in his deceased mother's freezer

A grieving man from St Louis, Missouri was shocked to discover a dead baby in his mother's freezer on Saturday 27th July as he cleaned out her home after she died.

Adam Smith told NBC affiliate KSDK he had moved into his mother’s home in Missouri as she was battling cancer, to help care for her in her final days.

When she passed away, he started going through her belongings, sorting out what to keep. He remembered a box that had been in his mother’s freezer his whole life. He was told never to open it.

He said that he was told, at some point, that it was the topper of a wedding cake, but his mother always refused to directly answer questions about the box. It was such a momentous occasion, he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he took a photograph of the box and told his girlfriend he was going to look inside for the first time. He says he felt a leg first, and when he started to pull open the package more, he realized he was looking at the long-frozen body of a dead infant.

Source : NBC News