Polish police chief taken to hospital after Ukrainian gift explodes

Polish Police Headquarters
Polish Police Headquarters

The top police official in Poland was injured when a gift from Ukrainian officials exploded at his office.

After opening the gift at his Warsaw headquarters on Wednesday 15th December 2022, Jarosaw Szymczyk sustained minor wounds.

Although exactly what the object was is unclear, local reports suggested that it was a grenade launcher. On a recent trip to Ukraine, the officer received the present.

“Yesterday at 7.50am there was an explosion in a room next to the office of the police chief,” a statement read. “One of the presents the police chief received during his working visit to Ukraine on December 11 and 12 exploded.”

“The Polish side has asked the Ukrainian side to provide an explanation,” the ministry said.

Polish media had earlier reported that Szymczyk had been hurt and the building’s ceiling had been damaged by the explosion at the police headquarters.

His injuries were described as minor and he will remain in the hospital under observation.